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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We open at 6:30 am and close promptly at 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

What age children do you accept?

Children beginning with ages 8 weeks through 5 years. Our school-age after-school program and summer camp program services children 5-11 years of age.

Is transportation provided to local schools?

Yes, our school has a school bus with seat belts to transport children from Roswell North Elementary and Mountain Park Elementary in the afternoon.

What special features does your school offer?

Glass safety walls between classrooms, Passcode front entry, In-house camera monitoring, Internet parent monitoring access Password protected, computer sign-in, sign-out Communication system in each classroom, Communication system between front desk and playgrounds

Is playtime/outdoor time available?

Yes, our school is equipped with three areas of outside play. The children have scheduled times in the morning and the afternoon to explore their outside world. As an added safety feature, our school has six to nine foot fencing around the outside perimeter of the play areas. The play equipment is state-of-the-art and Kids ´R´ Kids of Historic Roswell abides by the Federal regulations on safety equipment and their surrounding fall zones.

Are meals and snacks provided?

One of our platforms at Kids 'R' Kids of Historic Roswell is fighting childhood obesity by providing healthy meals for your children daily. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are cooked from scratch daily by our chef. We serve fresh fruit at breakfast and lunch and fresh or frozen steamed vegetables at lunch. All entrees are prepared with the freshest ingredients. We are nut, pork, chocolate and candy free at our school.

We maintain a monthly menu that outlines the meals to be served and includes a variety of foods from a variety of cultures. We also provide vegetarian meals. We can adjust meals to accommodate food allergies or dietary needs. Please see the Director if your child needs any special adjustments to meals. 

For bottle-fed children, parents must provide prepared formula or breast milk, placed in labeled bottles. Parents also provide baby food with containers labeled until the child is old enough to enjoy menu items.  All infant consumable items should be marked with the child´s first and last name and the current date.

Monthly menus for children on table food are available for review at the front desk, in the classroom, under the Parent Corner tab and emailed in our monthly school newsletter.

Is your staff trained?

Yes, all Kids 'R' Kids of Historic Roswell staff are required to follow Bright From The Start state regulations that apply to training. All staff are trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age appropriate activities, nutrition and OSHA regulations provide the skills needed to create a quality learning environment. The staff is encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences.

Is there internet viewing of my child at your center?

Yes, our internet viewing system can connect parents and family members to their child while at work or thousands of miles away. Through a secured internet site and unique password, you can observe your child´s daily activities through your computer. The same cameras are fed to the front desk for additional monitoring by administrative staff.

How can I get more information about enrolling my child?

We are glad you are interested in finding out more about our school. Please use the contact form to provide us with your name, address and phone number. We look forward to meeting you when you come in for a tour.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!!!

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