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Roswell Child Care Professionals Explain What Your Child Learns From You

Posted on 11-03-2014

childcare_roswell_gaBefore you send your child off to the first day at preschool or child care, you have already been the first teacher. Many child care experts believe that sound parenting can teach an infant many lessons which prove invaluable later in life. Here are some basic things which your infant child can learn from you:

Love and care

Studies have shown that infants who grow up in a loving, nurturing environment do better in school than those brought up in a less nurturing household. An infant has no concept of discipline at this tender age, so be careful how you respond. Always speak in a quiet and kind voice and handle your infant with gentle care, so your child will learn to trust.

Infants learn through imitation

One of the most important ways that infants learn is through imitation. Infants are very observant and watch everything a parent does. Therefore, be sure your actions reflect what you want your child to learn.

Learning to speak

Infants have an amazing capacity to learn complex languages in a short period of time. They are able to recognize their own names at around four months of age and can differentiate between mommy and daddy at around six months. Language skills are learned at home and reading to your infant can help advance the learning process.


Your infant will also learn how to socialize and interact with others from you and others in the household. Your infant will pick up on your interactions with others, including facial expressions, physical contact and tone of voice.

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