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How you and your Roswell, GA preschool can improve your child's brain development!

Posted on 09-24-2014

 day_care_roswell_gaFor most families, parents and teachers/caregivers form the core of your child's early relationships. These relationships play a pivotal role in supporting and encouraging healthy brain development.

  • Love:  Extensive research has shown that a safe and loving environment fosters trust with parents and teachers. This encourages your child to become open to new learning experiences, and creates a strong foundation for future healthy relationships.
  • Safety: A secure and fully child-proofed environment allows your child to explore and develop a sense of independence. Discovering things in a positive, constructive way, builds self-confidence, self-awareness and fosters curiosity.
  • Nutrition:  Certain foods are rich in nutrients that actively support and assist brain development. Eggs are rich in choline, which supports the development of memory cells. Blueberries are brimming with antioxidants that keep your child's brain and body healthy. Lean beef and spinach are also brain super foods, supplying iron for boosting cognitive function and muscular development.
  • Stimulation:  Utilizing stimulating games and age-appropriate activities your child is encouraged to use different senses. Storybooks with images, toys and exploring the outdoors are also great stimulators. A trip to Roswell Area Park for a picnic is ideal, providing physical stimulation while allowing your child to explore and observe the world around him or her.

Consider enrolling your child at Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Historic Roswell. Beyond the role of traditional day care, we offer your child the exceptional Brain Waves Curriculum. This program meets all your child's developmental needs, from eight weeks to five years old. Providing engaging learning activities and one-on-one interaction in a safe, loving environment, your child will thrive while enhancing cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development. For more information on our exceptional programs and state-of-the-art facility, please contact us today.

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